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Can You Have A Bright, Inviting Hobby Room In Your Garden?

Whatever your craft hobby is, from dressmaking to model railways, having a dedicated room for your tools and materials is essential for making the most of it, embracing the work and fun that comes with it, and achieving your goals whether they are simply about self-expression or are more professional.

Because hobby rooms and craft rooms have a very specific focus they are, somewhat unfairly, treated like sheds. They can be quite utilitarian, have harsh lighting that is functional but not entirely pleasant, and lack a relaxing, peaceful aesthetic for you to feel your best.

Could moving your crafts out of the garage or the basement and into a bespoke garden room potentially change that? Absolutely it can, particularly if you design your room around your needs and embrace the natural environment around you.

Whilst form should follow function when it comes to a hobby room, and you should neglect your lighting and space needs if you need, for example, particularly bright desk lamps to help you keep track of small, fiddly components, this does not need to be the only consideration.

You can have a room filled with useful storage, dedicated workstations, light control and utilitarian seating and still have it look bright, inviting and enjoyable to be in.

Fitting louvred shutters can help with light control, so you can enjoy natural light whenever you want and close them for a more focused light source wherever you need to.

As well as this, do not forget to add little details for inspiration. Have a mood board fitted, especially if you are already taking advantage of wall space for storage and organising smaller components.

Finally, try to make it multipurpose; garden rooms make for excellent places to entertain, so either have a way to section off and store your craft equipment or ensure that you have space for dining and guests.


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