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How To Make A Garden Room A Place Of Shade

There will be plenty of people whose idea of luxury garden rooms in the UK is buildings that capture as much sun as possible, ensuring it remains naturally warm even in the milder conditions of spring and autumn, although some insulation and artificial heating will be needed if it is to be used during winter.

However, the fierce heatwave in July will have reminded many people in Sussex that there could be times when the summer house needs to be a place of shade and refuge, as uninterrupted heat could make it a far from comfortable place to be.

It may be there are no more days anywhere near that hot to come in the remnant of this summer, but anyone wanting to build a summer house now with next year in mind will have to give thought to this issue.

The good news is there are many steps you can take. Blinds are a must, not just because they can reduce the heat, but they can also be useful for preventing dazzling low sun if you are using the building in winter, when the mid-day sun in Sussex can be as low as 16 degrees above the horizon at noon.

Other measures include good ventilation through open windows and even the use of fans, while air conditioning is another option.

Insulation is an important final step. This may sound like something you would do to help make use of the room in colder months, but insulation is a two-way thing; while it offers the benefit of keeping the warmth in when it is cold outside, it can also stop the heat outdoors from coming in, so you can stay cooler on the inside.

Beautiful sunny days can be a great thing, but in a changing climate where we can now get 40 degree C temperatures in Britain, summer houses will need to be equipped to stay cool when it gets too hot outside.


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