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Tips For Designing A Multi-Purpose Garden Room

A garden room is a flexible space that can be used for whatever purpose you choose, but what if you have more than one idea in mind? Perhaps you are torn between using it for an office or a home gym, or having a chill-out space with a home cinema for the family, or an art studio just for you!

With some design tweaks, there’s no reason why your garden room can’t work as a multi-functional space. One option is to use partition walls to create separate rooms. This is great if two people want to work in the space at the same time, and need privacy for video calls. It could also be used to create a small shower area for a gym or guest room.

Partition walls could simply serve an aesthetic function; to shield a storage area for garden equipment, bikes, and so on from the rest of the space. If you want to keep the room as an open plan space, you could use large items of furniture to create different ‘zones’ within the room; for example, by placing a bookcase to shield a desk from the sitting area.

There is one caveat to bear in mind: if you plan to use the garden room to put up guests overnight, it will have to comply with Building Regulations to ensure that it is safe to sleep in. These will relate to things like ventilation, fire safety, drainage and waste disposal, electrical safety, insulation, damp proofing, and so on.

If you want to go one step further and use the garden room as a self-contained living quarter or a permanent bedroom, then this use will not fall under permitted development rights, and you will need to apply for planning permission. Also bear in mind the structure may be liable for council tax if it is classed as a permanent dwelling.

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