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4 Tips For Creating A Garden Room

The past year has changed the priorities for everyone, from work and leisure, to how we use the space in our homes. Remote working and the lockdown has seen many people turn to the extra space in their gardens to add a garden room as they seek a place to work or workout, or simply to escape a busy household at the end of the day.

There is a seemingly endless range of uses for a garden room, as noted by the range of submissions to Cuprinol’s popular Shed Of the Year competition, but whatever you have in mind, we have some tips to help you plan and build a garden room.

Positioning And Space

You should consider the use of the garden room when planning the location and size. You may prefer it to be in a sheltered location away from the house, or perhaps you want to place it in the optimal position to get as much sunlight as possible. Also consider privacy when looking at placement, if you don’t want the neighbours peeking in!

Choose A Structure

There is a very wide range of suitable garden room structures available, from simple sheds to fully insulated glass boxes and more. But if the room is only going to be used in the warmer months, you maybe do not need a garden room that is designed to keep you warm in winter. Carefully consider your proposed use to choose the right structure.

Blend Well

You need to create a seamless flow between your garden room and your garden, so use materials for both that complement your garden design. Blending in your garden room will increase the aesthetics and appeal of both the garden room and your overall property.

Extending The Evening

Including outdoor heating can mean you can make use of your garden room late into the evening, as well as during autumn and spring when temperatures are not quite as warm. For many people, a firepit will provide the primal desire to sit around a fire, and they’re available in traditional and contemporary designs.

If you’re looking for luxury garden rooms in Brighton, talk to us today.


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