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87% Work From Home On Fridays

Working from home became usual practice when the country went into lockdown two years ago, but thanks to the advantages of doing so, many people have put off their commutes for as long as possible. This is particularly the case on Fridays, when almost nine out of ten employees choose to work from home.

According to a new survey published by BBC News recently, just 13 per cent go into the office on the last day of the working week, making it the most popular day to handle emails and meetings in the comfort of your house.

One such employee who loves starting her weekend at home is 29-year-old Tamara Siddiqui, who told the news provider: “Often I’ll have plans on a Friday evening, which I prefer to agree to if I’ve been working from home that day – it means I’ll have more time and energy and can ‘be ready to go’ earlier.”

While Fridays are the most popular day to ditch the office wear and engage in meetings from your lounge, dining room or home office, working from home in general is still incredibly popular.

Findings from consultancy Advanced Workplace Associates revealed that staff used to go into the office 3.8 days a week before the pandemic, but this is now just 1.4 days a week.

Its research also revealed average attendance in the office was a mere 29 per cent, only increasing to 39 per cent during the middle of the weak at its peak.

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