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Could Surge In Demand For Beauticians See More Home Salons?

Beauticians and hair stylists could consider building a bespoke garden room at the back of their house to cope with the increase in demand for their services, after it was revealed the working from home culture has led to more appointments being made during the day.

While most people could only book their haircut or eyebrow wax for the evening or weekend before, more employees now have flexible working conditions, which means there is greater flexibility over when these appointments can be made.

According to recent figures from SumUp, the amount of money spent during the week in the hair and beauty industry has increased by five per cent in comparison with 2019.

In Liverpool, this rise was even higher at ten per cent, showing the drastic change in habits among customers over the last three years, reported the Daily Mail.

Recent figures from the Office for National Statistics revealed nearly half (44 per cent) of employees can work from home all or some of the time.

Indeed, only 29 per cent of Defra staff were in the office during the week beginning March 13th 2023.

This means there is the opportunity for ‘home shirking’, which is the term given to workers ditching their responsibilities to take part in leisure activities. However, working from home also enables them to start much earlier or finish after hours, so they can enjoy some free time during the day.


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