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Do I Need A Granny Annexe?

These days, so many people live far away from family members that the only way to spend time together is for them to stay for a few days. However, it is never easy having other people in your own personal space for a long period of time, which is why building a granny annexe could be the best option for you.

Moving away from hometown

According to the London Assembly Housing Committee, two-thirds of Brits who are moving are leaving their hometown, with this figure being even higher for those living in Plymouth, Leeds, and Edinburgh to name a few.

Allison Willis, data analyst at Getamover, suggested while more people are considering moving out of their town, those in the biggest cities in the UK want to stay, thanks to higher salaries and better job markets.

As more and more homeowners move further afield from their relatives, the need for extra accommodation to house their guests becomes greater. This makes having a separate space for visitors to feel at home for a few days very appealing.

Avoiding care homes

If you have elderly parents or relatives that are unable to fully look after themselves, they might be considering moving into a care home. However, a survey by Canada Life revealed the vast majority of those over 75 wanted to avoid this, thanks to the number of deaths and visitor restrictions during the pandemic.

Among those who are considering alternative options, five per cent are intending to build a granny annexe to their child’s home.

For older children

Granny annexes might be so-called due to their popularity among people developing a space for their ageing parents to live. However, they are just as useful for older children, particularly as it is becoming harder for first-time buyers to afford their own property.

As the average house price was £281,000 in April, FTBs with just a ten per cent deposit need savings worth £28,000 to get on the property ladder. Enabling your child to live in your annexe means they can save up more quickly for their own place.

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