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Don’t Neglect The Garden Outside Your Garden Rooms

All over Sussex garden rooms are built every year, giving householders a wonderful extra space to enjoy. But to make the most of your investment, you will need to ensure the design of the room is co-ordinated with your garden.

In an article on the topic of boosting the sale value of a home, the Daily Express highlighted the increased desirability of homes with good gardens and the role a garden room or summer house can play in this.

It quoted Garden Buildings Direct as stating that such a building is indeed the best way to increase value in a garden. But just as relevant was the advice given about how this fits in with the rest of the garden. In particular, the size of the building should not be too large if the garden is fairly small.

“You should also be aware of how you position your garden building as it won’t be as attractive if placed in permanent shade or is difficult to access,” a spokesperson for the firm said.

This balance is not just for people looking to make homes more attractive before a sale. Ideal Homes highlighted how the approaching onset of spring makes now a great time to get out into the garden and while its list of uses for a garden shed includes ideas ranging from the familiar to the novel, from office space to a mini-bar, some can be focused on helping make the garden better.

As well as incorporating a green roof, ideas include making it a ‘gardener’s retreat’, a place of comfort in the midst of a busy day gardening and a big step up from the potting shed many will have in their back yards.

There is one suggestion that may conflict with the above; a large garden room that uses up most of the space in a small garden, which might be a favourable choice for someone who is not keen on gardening.

While this may be seen as a big pro and suit your own lifestyle if you haven’t got green fingers, it is always worth balancing that with any future desire to sell the property and move, as it could impinge on the future value.


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