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How A Home Gym Can Maintain Running Inspiration In Winter

Many people from Sussex will have travelled up to London in early October to either watch or take part in the London Marathon. The race, which took place on October 2nd, saw tens of thousands taking to the streets and while the elite athletes crossed the line in just over two hours, it was less about the time than getting over that line for the rest.

For anyone inspired by watching the race and keen to get fit, it should be noted that a lot of winter training may lie ahead. The race has been run in October for the second year running as a result of Covid disruption, but the 2023 edition will be moved back to its traditional slot in April. That means there is only around six months to get ready.

There is even less for the Brighton Marathon, which takes place on April 2nd. Soon after this is the three-day challenge of the Mid Sussex Marathon takes place (April 29th-May 1st).

A key challenge for those who have a place for the Brighton or London Marathons and other spring 2023 events is to keep fit during the winter and while many dedicated runners will happily pound the streets in most weather conditions, there is no doubt that garden buildings containing home gym equipment will prove very useful during poor weather.

All-weather indoor facilities could be particularly useful when the weather gets very cold, not because runners are wimps who can’t stand a bit of nippy weather, but because ice and even snow will make outdoor running conditions difficult and perhaps even dangerous. After all, the last thing anyone wants is an injury disrupting training.

Indoor running is also a good option for those who install a treadmill in their garden building and use it in the evenings. Not everyone will feel comfortable being out running at night, especially alone.

So by installing and fitting out an indoor facility in your garden, you could be fully equipped to train well for a big race in the spring, whatever the weather this winter.

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