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How Garden Luxury Can Add Something Different In Brighton

Brighton and Hove is one of those cities that truly stands out. Known historically as a famous beach resort and having a contemporary reputation as a quirky place of alternative culture, liberal values and the UK’s only Green Party MP, it is also a place with very attractive architecture.

Indeed, Brighton sometimes carries the nickname of ‘London on Sea’ and while there is no Tube network to contend with, its central areas have a similar population density and a vast number of Regency buildings, every bit as fine as those seen in places like Knightsbridge and Chelsea.

However, it is not just the apartments in these sweeping terraces that make up the crowded core of the city. There are many smaller houses which, like their London equivalents, often come with constraints on space indoors and out. That is why there is a clear place for luxury garden buildings in Brighton.

Without a large garden, there is only so much that can be done in a horticultural sense, but there is much that can be done with a garden room. If your living space is limited, there is so much to gain by adding this extra space, so don’t be afraid to use it fully.

This could have a specific purpose like a workspace, a man cave or a ‘she shed’. Alternatively, it could be a multi-purpose facility that has the flexibility to offer all kinds of different uses.

For anyone living in a city like Brighton, there are ample opportunities for leisure time on a nice day to feature local attractions outside the home, from the beach and seafront to the South Downs National Park.

That being the case, a garden room is not where you might spend a sunny day in the city. Instead, its best use is as a facility that can be used by day or night, in all weathers to give you the things your limited living space cannot otherwise provide.


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