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How To Beat WFH Fatigue This January

One of the few positives about the impact of the pandemic was the success of remote working, as millions of people made room on the kitchen table for working from home (WFH), and grabbed their laptops.

Despite the work from home order being rescinded in England, as COVID measures are stepped down, the success of WFH for many workers may mean never returning to the office full time, and thousands of people have invested in dedicated garden offices to help create a better work-life balance with a 30-second commute down the garden path.

However, WFH has also found that employees are working longer hours, which added to the isolation that many feel, which can lead to burnout. We have a look at some tips to help avoid burnout and fatigue in your WFH garden office.

1. Brain-dump at the end of your working day

Before you finish off for the day, grab a pen and write down anything work-related that may still be buzzing around your head, helping you ‘exorcise’ those thoughts, and helping you switch off in the evenings.

2. Use the Pomodoro method

Set a timer for 25 minutes to focus solely on work, before setting another five-minute timer as a break straight after. Rinse and repeat four times before taking a longer break.

3. Turn off notifications

Notifications will make you feel there is work to be done, something called the Zeigarnik Effect, so make sure you turn off work devices after hours, or mute notifications until the morning.

4. Schedule important down-time reminders

Even if it’s just 5 minutes to start with, scheduling some downtime in your workday can be the most important appointment you make. Get away from your desk, have a walk around the garden with a cuppa, and destress.

5. Breathe

Simply breathe. Not everyone has the time for an hour-long yoga class or to take time to meditate, so have a look at some simple breathing exercises during the day to help centre yourself.

If you’re still working from your kitchen table or anywhere else in the house, it can muddle that work-life balance. Get in touch today if you’d like to know more about our bespoke garden rooms in the UK for your new garden office.


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