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How To Design A Home Office In The Garden

Our working habits have been forever changed by the pandemic, especially if you’re one of the many who has been working from home for the past year and unlikely to be returning to the office full time for the foreseeable future. While the kitchen table might have served you well for a few months, is it time to consider some more permanent options?

For many home workers, the ‘shoffice’, or the shed office is the work-life goal to strive for, with dedicated office space in the garden, away from the distractions of the home, and creating a separation of work and home life.

Since the ‘stay at home’ orders last year, there has been a surge in people enquiring with architects and builders wanting to create a dedicated home office or studio space, using the money saved from not having to commute and other in-the-office expenses.

Since then, many home workers across the UK have been benefiting from having an insulated, waterproof, and secure garden room office.

For freelancers, removing the need to rent an office or co-working space means they can have a decent size office to their bespoke requirements, including having light and power, large windows, and room for desks, chairs, storage and computers.

A beautifully designed garden summer house will also add a sought after feature to your home, should you put the house on the market. Garden offices are much sought after and can be used as hobby rooms and playrooms.

Garden room offices typically do not require planning permission, if the building has a maximum height of 2.5 metres and within 2 metres of the house boundary. Listed buildings or houses in national parks or conservation areas will need to seek permission from the local authority.

If you’re interested in bespoke garden buildings in Brighton for your home office, then get in touch today!


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