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How To Kickstart Your Fitness Regime In ‘23 With A Home Gym

A huge number of people start the new year with an aim to get fit, but so many fail to stick to their health regime, giving up even before January is over. That is why building your own home gym could be the answer, motivating you to stay fit all year round.

Gym membership uptake increased by 12 per cent in January, but according to the Fitness Industry Association, most people have given up on transforming their body within six months.

As well as finding it hard to motivate themselves to exercise a few times a week, the journey to the gym could be another deterrent. However, having a home gym at the end of your garden makes it considerably easier to get your workout done.

Indeed, you could be halfway through your HIIT by the time you’ve normally managed to get to the gym, saving you lots of time you’d normally spend talking yourself out of going.

Another reason home gyms can keep you motivated to exercise is you don’t have to share equipment. There is nothing more annoying than going to the gym with an exercise plan, only to find you can’t use half the weights or cardio machines you wanted.

However, with it all to yourself, you can rest assured you’ll have everything at hand to finish your training session without any annoyances or disruptions.

The final secret to maintaining a health and fitness regime is being consistent. Many people start the new year with grand plans to hit the gym every day, but this is unsustainable, which is why so many quit early on.

By having a gym so close by, you can go when you can and want to, whether that’s five times a week or only once. As long as you keep it up, you’re more likely to stick with it in the long-term.

If you’re considering creating your own home gym, find out more information about custom garden rooms by calling us today.


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