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How To Make The Most Of Your Garden All Year Round

During the summer, particularly during a glorious heatwave, it can sometimes feel like the summer will never end and you can enjoy your garden year-round.

However, given that the weather can be charitably described as ‘changeable’ at the best of times, your garden can quickly turn from a summer paradise to a muddy quagmire after some particularly inclement weather.

However, there are ways to keep the garden parties going and make the most of a large part of your house throughout the year.

Plant Evergreen Shrubs

Many plants are seasonal and will start to decay in the autumn and winter months. Planting some evergreen shrubs and plants amidst your lawn and flowers will ensure that your garden stays green even in the cold winter months.

Set Up A Weatherproof Area

There are few events more annoying than setting up a BBQ or alfresco dinner and then having the outdoor party spoiled by the heavens opening up.

Adding shelters such as bright garden rooms, an orangery or even a simple outdoor shelter can keep your party going even during torrential weather.

Best of all, a heated weatherproof area can be used for garden parties even during the winter, allowing for a little getaway just a few feet from your home.

Set Up Bird Feeders

During the winter, birds are commonly looking for food and having a strategically place bird feeder can help fill your garden with song and fluttering wings.

Different birds prefer different types of feeders in various places in your garden, so by placing your food in different places, you can attract a wide range of different birds.


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