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How To Make The Most Of Your Garden In The Winter

Winter is often seen as a somewhat fallow time for gardens, as the cold weather, bare trees and frost-covered grass can make a garden less than inviting.

However, with bespoke garden rooms, carefully chosen plants and a cosy patio, the garden can be enjoyed all year round.

Here are some top tips to make the most of your garden over the winter months.

Plant Vibrant Winter Flowers

Many flowers die out at the end of autumn and the start of winter, and this in combination with the leaves falling off of deciduous trees can starve your garden of much-needed colour.

Thankfully, it does not need to be this way, as many beautiful, colourful evergreen plants can be enjoyed all year round, and choosing your flora wisely can ensure your garden never loses its bright look.

The Violaceae family of flowers, especially the viola tricolour, are beautiful bulbs that grow irrespective of the weather, and these in combination with golden glories and some well-chosen shrubs can help your garden to glow in the colder months.

As well as this, choose conifers and other low maintenance, evergreen plants to brighten up your garden space no matter what winter has in store.

Create A Cosy Patio

In summer, your patio commonly serves as the intermediate point between the garden room and the garden itself, but with some choice furnishings and design, this can extend all year round.

Adding cushions and blankets to your seats and benches will make them a far cosier prospect, as there are few pleasures as delightful as looking up at a cloudless night sky and seeing the stars.

As well as this, a patio heater and a barbecue can be used to create a cosy winter dinner party outside.

Add Some Ambient Lights

Having the garden glow by candlelight can create an intensely cosy atmosphere, and if flickering flames are not to your liking, then twinkling string lights and fairy lights can also create a delightful frame for your garden space.


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