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Top Tips For Creating A Bespoke Hobby Space In Your Garden

When it comes to creating the perfect garden room, ultimately the result should be bespoke to you and your vision for what the space will be used for.

This is not only important during the summer months where it will serve as the gateway to your verdant garden, but also during the remaining three seasons of the year and through weather that might be less-than-ideal for admiring nature.

However, a way to avoid this being an issue is to design your garden room with this in mind, for example by setting it up as a bespoke hobby space that serves as a sanctuary from the everyday.

A hobby room is a dedicated space for you to indulge in whichever hobbies and interests you are most passionate about, and because of this take a bewildering variety of forms.

The reason for this, and the biggest tip for a successful bespoke hobby room, is that each hobby has very different needs and requirements to comfortably do, and that is something vital to keep in mind.

If you are setting up a craft room, for instance, the priority will be storage space, a way to easily arrange and access any tools you need, adequate light sources and ventilation, and enough hard-wearing flat surfaces to allow you to achieve anything you need.

A music room needs soundproofing, which typically takes the form of foam panels, thick insulation and thick carpets and curtains to help with acoustic insulation.

On the subject of insulation, this is one of the most important ways to ensure that your garden hobby room can be used every day, come rain or shine, and accomplishing this requires careful thought into wall insulation, double glazing, and window coverings such as curtains or blinds.

Finally, consider multipurpose surfaces and flexible use of the space, particularly if you want to use a room for entertaining in the summer and hobbies in the winter.


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