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Should You Section Off Your Garden?

A garden is a particularly expressive part of your home, and your choices of plants, the design of your bespoke garden rooms and the decorations you place can express a lot about a person’s artistic tastes.

However, a lot of gardens typically consist of a large lawn with a range of smaller sections on the periphery and around the sides of it. Should all gardens be this way though, given how much wasted space this can mean?

A growing trend, particularly for homeowners with larger gardens, is to section off parts of the garden, which can turn a single lawn and a few smaller areas into a thriving and diverse mix of spaces that can allow for activities, relaxation, entertainment, biodiversity or anything an owner wants to do.

To a degree, a garden room is the starting point of this, being a transitional space between indoors and outdoors that is perfectly suited to a sectioned garden. Next to the garden room is often a perfect place to set up an entertainment section.

This can include a sound system, a table, catering facilities, lights and candles to ensure your outdoor engagements can last long into the night and benefit from not being part of a shared, combined space.

On the other side of the garden, if you have children then setting up a separate play area is a must, particularly if it is further down the garden and thus avoids a lot of the clutter that can sometimes come from garden play.

A little sandpit, a vegetable patch and storage for toys and outdoor games is essential here.

With rewilding becoming an increasingly popular way to manage a garden, having a section dedicated to wildlife, wildflowers and nature is a wonderful showstopper that by design needs very little maintenance to take care of.

As a bonus, it means you have a much smaller area to mow in the spring and summer months.


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