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The Gardening Jobs You Should Do During Winter

As winter begins to bite harder and bitterly cold storms hit your lawn, flowers and garden rooms, it can feel like the gardening season that started in mid-spring has finally come to an end for another year.

However, before you finish for the year, there are some crucial jobs you need to do around the garden to ensure it is ready for the first bloom of spring in the upcoming year.

Here are some of the jobs around the garden to take care of over the winter.

Plant Bulbs To Flower In Spring

Typically this is best done in late Autumn but if you have not planted your daffodils or tulips, you can dig them into your pots and borders ready to embrace the cold period that allows them to grow to full bloom.

Bear in mind that they will need a deep root system, so plant them at least a centimetre into the soil.

Prune Trees, Hedges And Shrubbery

One of the benefits of autumn is that it makes tending to shrubbery, roses and unruly branches far easier than over the summer, so this is a great time to get out the secateurs and do some trimming whilst the plants are not growing exponentially.

Neaten The Lawn Edges

Whilst the jury is still out on whether you should rewild your lawn year-round, if you want a healthy lawn that needs little restorative work in spring, let the grass grow a little taller and only trim the edges to keep it neat.

Try to avoid stepping on the blades when the weather is particularly frosty though, as they can snap as a result.


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