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Top Tips For Keeping Your Garden Room Warm This Winter

One of the best ways to enjoy the winter season is sitting comfortably in a warm garden room and watching the seasons change and the snowflake drape over the lawn.

However, there is one issue that is shared between extensions, conservatories and garden rooms alike, which is that if not conscientiously designed, they can be an exceptionally cold place to sit in on cold winter nights.

The open, airy designs and large glass windows can, unfortunately, make them too cold to sit in for long periods at a time, causing you to have to wrap up warm to sit in the garden room.

Here are some top tips for ensuring your garden room is warm this winter.

Check Your Glazing

The glass doors, windows and roofs are where a large proportion of the heat will be lost, so ideally make sure that you have opted for either double or triple glazing on the windows to improve insulation and reduce heat loss.

Typically, most high-quality garden rooms will be insulated with this in mind, but older constructions can sometimes still have single glazing.

If changing the glass is not an option, look for potential draughty areas and try to seal or insulate them as effectively as possible.

Consider Underfloor Heating

One of the problems with heating a garden room or a conservatory is that with convection heaters most of the heat escapes and so as soon as the heater is off the room quickly chills again.

However, underfloor heating can be a space-saving and highly effective solution if you are willing to wait for the heat mats to warm up.

It is often seen as an intrusive, expensive solution, but electric underfloor heat mats can be less than £30 per square metre, are relatively easy to fit and do not require any adjustments to plumbing or heating systems.

Try An Infrared Heater

When in doubt, many people sitting in a garden room at night bring a portable space heater with them to keep them warm, which whilst hardly an efficient nor elegant solution will at least keep you warm.

A more efficient solution is an infrared heater which rather than heating the air around it will heat objects, which is more efficient and faster than trying to warm a room filled with chilly air.


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