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Top Tips To Protect Your Garden This Winter

Protecting the garden so you can enjoy it from the comfort of your garden rooms often starts in Autumn, to ensure the lawn, plants, trees and shrubs avoid as much damage as possible from the harsher winter frost, storms and strong winds.

However, there are ways even at the height of winter to improve the protection of your garden and reduce the amount of work needed in the height of spring when it is time to work on the garden again.

Here are some top tips to help protect your garden during the long winter months.

Rake And Remove Leaves

If there are still leaves left on your lawn after the fall of Autumn, now is the time to rake and remove them.

Rotting leaves can cause damage to the grass by sheltering it from the already limited sunlight, can cause rotting and can lead to the growth of mildew, mould and fungi, which need to be removed before any lawn care can be achieved.

Let It Grow

Longer grass is much hardier than short grass, so avoid mowing your lawn as much as possible over winter, limiting your mowing duties to the edges if you plan on doing any remedial work at all.

Shorter blades are more prone to frost damage, which would undermine the point of mowing, in the first place.

Prune Inactive Plants

Many plants hibernate or lay dormant in winter, which makes it the perfect time to start pruning them, as it is less traumatic for the plant and you can see the shape of the inner structure.

Prune overgrown branches, diseased and dead ones and where a twig or branch is attaching to another branch.


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