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What Is The Best Way To Heat A Garden Room?

If you are planning to install a garden room which you can use throughout the winter as an office or chill out space, you will want to make sure it is a comfortable temperature for working and relaxing in. Here are some tips to keep things warm and cosy despite the wonderful British weather!


The first thing to consider is the thermal performance of the materials used in the structure. Good quality roofing materials and solid flooring will help to retain heat, as will double glazing and dense timber walls. A room that is well crafted and bespoke will be less prone to gaps and draughts than a DIY self-assembly kit.


To choose your heating method, you will need to consider the size of the room, how often you will use it, and what you will be using it for. For example, if you are going to be sat at your desk all day you will need more heat than if it will be used as a gym room.

Heating methods

A popular option is to install a wall mounted electric heater. They radiate a gentle even warmth, and are available with remote programming options. They do take a while to heat up, so they may not be the best option if you are using the space for short periods.

Underfloor heating is a good choice for that extra luxurious feeling of warmth, but you may need a secondary heat source to supplement it, especially if you spend long hours sat at a desk.

For a traditional feel you could have a wood-burning stove installed, but bear in mind the chimney flue will be a significant extra cost. If you are willing to invest in sustainable energy, then it is worth looking into ground or air source heating systems.

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