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Why Garden Rooms Are Better Than Extensions

Many people require additional space in their home and there are many options out there to give this extra room. From conservatories and orangeries to extensions and even bespoke garden rooms, regardless of your needs there is something for you.

There are several benefits to choosing to build a garden room instead of a home extension though. They can be far easier, less expensive and generally a lot less trouble.

Many people need the additional space for a variety of reasons. Home offices, at-home gyms, a studio or even just a quiet area to enjoy some alone time are all reasons someone may want to add to their home.

A garden room can be all of these things, making it the perfect, versatile choice.

Home extensions can be costly, require extensive preparation such as procuring planning permissions and can leave your home and garden in a huge mess during construction.

One way a garden room is a better option is due to the fact that you do not need the same permissions to build one as you do with a traditional extension.

As long as your proposed garden room is within regulations, you can build it or have it installed without the permission of your local council, which means you can have it up and running relatively quickly.

Aside from being quicker to install and build, garden rooms can also be much less expensive. As no work needs to be done to your actual home, the cost of labour and building of a garden room will be much lower.

You can often buy garden rooms that are made especially for you and can simply be constructed on-site at your house after being made. This saves money on labour as most of the work has been done prior to the actual construction of the room.


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