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Garden Rooms Are For Life, Not Just For Christmas!

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

There are many good reasons to build garden buildings in Sussex, where the comparatively mild weather compared to much of the UK make it a climatically advantageous place to spend time in there for much of the year.

It is not just that the summers are a bit warmer, however; with a bit of good insulation, garden rooms can be ideal for all times of year, including Christmas.

Indeed, the coming festive season may be perfect for such buildings. They can look great when draped in fairy lights at night, giving your back yard a winter wonderland look and also impressing the neighbours.

There are many ways to decorate a garden house to turn it into a festive grotto, with Summer House 24 suggesting ideas like LED lights and electric candles, although it cautions that you must check that any you install on the outside are suitable for use in that way.

It also suggests you could use it a bit like a grotto, so you might even dress up as Santa and entertain the younger members of the family. You can also do so without a calamitous faux pas like the shopping centre in Bury St Edmunds that promised visitors the “Bury Santa Experience” (shovels presumably not included).

While the garden room might suddenly become a very atmospheric and merry place over Christmas, any decorating you do might be undertaken with a view towards the months ahead. A warm, cosy room in winter might also be a delightful spot in the garden in summer, either in the shade or the full sun depending where you located it and the foliage around it.

Whatever designs or décor you choose, having the flexibility of a garden room that can offer something special at every time in the year is the best way to proceed. That way, unlike some things that may end up under the tree this Christmas, it will be the gift that keeps on giving.


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