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Garden Rooms Make Great Guest Quarters

These days, many adults live far away from family and friends, having moved away from home for university or work. This makes it a necessity to have somewhere for loved ones to stay when they come to visit, something that not every house can provide. That is why fitting a bespoke garden room in Brighton could be the answer.

- No house space

Young couples buying their first house might think a two- or three-bedroom home will be big enough to host visitors. However, once one or more kids come along, these bedrooms are soon filled with cots and toys, leaving nowhere for family to sleep.

Buying a bigger property to accommodate loved ones is not as easy as it seems, as many homeowners are currently choosing to upsize. Russell Galley, managing director for Halifax, recently noted prices for detached and semi-detached homes have risen by 8.8 per cent and 8.9 per cent respectively this year, far higher than the value growth for flats at 6.9 per cent.

He stated: “The ‘race-for-space’ as people changed their preferences and lifestyle choices undoubtedly had a major impact.”

Therefore, homeowners will have to pay a considerable amount more, as well as moving costs and stamp duty tax, just to acquire that additional bedroom.

- Extensions

The next option people consider is building an extension to their house. However, this doesn’t come without difficulties, as they might require planning permission. This can take a long time to receive and is dependent on whether the council grants it.

- Garden Rooms

A garden room, however, does not require planning permission; can be built to the exact requirements, such as with bathrooms, a bedroom and a kitchenette; and is warm all year-round with insulation and double-glazing.

It is also considerably cheaper to build one than to upgrade your house, meaning guests can visit whenever they want while enjoying some privacy of their own.


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