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Top Tips For Rewilding Your Garden

One of the most hotly debated topics this year is about our gardens, and specifically whether our desire for finely mowed lawns and neatly regimented plants may not be the best way to use our garden.

A movement that has existed for a while but got major attention thanks to TV gardener Monty Dom, rewilding is about giving our natural spaces back to nature and allowing species to return and help fight climate change.

As well as this, wild gardens are simply beautiful. They teem with life and are a great opportunity to spot birds and small mammals from the comfort of our garden rooms.

Here are some top tips if you want to rewild your garden.

Let It Grow

Over the spring and summer months, the gardens are constantly filled with the sound of lawnmowers as they give the grass a pretty close shave.

However, it is better for nature if you stop mowing your lawn and allow clover and other wildflowers to grow that will attract pollinating insects such as bees.

If you need to mow your lawn for whatever reason, try to keep a strip of it wild so it can be used as a habitat corridor between different habitats, encouraging even more life.

As well as this, relax about weeds, especially certain weeds that encourage native plants and wildlife.

Feed The Wildlife

Bug hotels, bird feeders and even small stick piles are great resources that will bring animals to your garden, helping give it a lively look and vibrance.

Start A Conversation

On a local level, your neighbours and you can make a huge difference and one that can save you from a lot of gardening.

Create small corridors and entryways for wildlife to travel between gardens and share the responsibility of setting up suitable habitats and providing food.


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