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The Benefits To Having A Garden Room

After a year of lockdown measures, many people have been reassessing the space they have in their own homes, and wanted to create extra room for a home office, a gym, or a hobby room. However, a garden room has many advantages over simply converting an existing room.

Whether you’re looking to create a spare room for guests, a playroom for the kids, a sanctuary away from the noise of the main house, or a home gym, or perhaps a garden office themed on your favourite TV shows, a garden room can serve many purposes.

Even if you build a garden room with a single purpose in mind, it can still be used for other purposes, even just as a place to escape the hustle of everyday life and sit in the sun with a gold G’n’T on a warm summers day with a good book.

Most garden rooms don’t require planning permission. If you keep your garden room within certain size limitations, then you will likely not need planning permission, allowing you to move on with building your garden room.

Compared to an extension, garden rooms cause less disruption. An extension will likely require planning and a significant amount of building work and disruption to your home. A garden summer house will involve minimal groundwork and will not cause as much disruption within your main home. A garden summer house can be built in days, not weeks or even months.

Garden rooms are a cheaper option than an extension or loft conversion. Adding extras will cost more, but it will still usually be considerably cheaper than a house extension.

There are so many reasons that a garden office is a great choice for you if you work from home. Luxury garden rooms in Sussex are perfect if you want a dedicated work environment that will also add more value and space to your home. Get in touch today if you want to find out more.


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