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Three Unique Garden Room Ideas

The most important part of bespoke garden rooms is the person or people most likely to use them, and designers will carefully craft these garden retreats around their exacting needs and standards.

This not only includes factoring in costs, materials, aesthetic cohesion and permitted development rights, but also the most common uses for the garden room to ensure it is fit for purpose.

For most people, particularly over the summer months, a garden room is a predominantly social space where people can embrace nature, socialise and enjoy fine outdoor dining in the comfort of their own garden.

However, garden rooms are more than a summer retreat, and here are three unique ideas for taking advantage of your extra space when the weather is rather more inclement.

Recording Studio

With a growing number of people indulging their passion for music, video editing and broadcasting, having a soundproofed, dedicated space to produce serious recordings can be a great way to take your productions further than recording an online call.

Despite the need for a soundproofed setting, studios can be remarkably versatile, as was seen with Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour’s recording houseboat Astoria.

Writing Room/Library

The exceptionally talented and celebrated writer Virginia Woolf once said that for someone to write fiction they need a room of one’s own, and a garden room provides not only a quiet place to be alone with your thoughts but also the potential to seek inspiration from the remarkable beauty of nature.

A Creative Hub

Rather than toil away at a craft in a largely unwelcoming and unsuitable shed, a comfortable garden room can be an ideal place to set up a dedicated area to indulge in hobbies and craftwork.

This is especially useful for rather large and bulky crafts such as pottery wheels, full-scale sewing machines and 3D printers, and provides a welcoming area to create to your heart’s content.


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