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Tips For Setting Up A Gym In Your Garden Room

Having your own private workout space is a very appealing idea to many. If you are new to exercise, the thought of getting sweaty and out of breath in front of super-fit strangers at your local gym can be off-putting. Even if you already workout regularly, having the gym at the bottom of the garden is a great way to save time and expensive membership fees.

Garden rooms make excellent dedicated spaces for working out, where you can crank up a soundtrack or use equipment without disturbing the other members of your household. Once it is installed, you will have no excuse not to keep up with that life-enhancing exercise routine! Here are some ideas to get the best out of your garden gym.

1. Make sure the floor has a solid foundation

Unless you are just going to be doing some gentle yoga, you will need a floor that can hold heavy equipment and stand some repeated impacts. Make sure the structure has solid and stable concrete foundations. Add a layer of protection, such as heavy-duty rubber matting, to prevent the floor from being damaged by machinery and weights.

2. Make sure it is well ventilated and thermally efficient

Windows that open, built-in air vents, and an extractor fan are essential to prevent the gym from becoming an unhealthy sweat box in summer. During the winter, you will want a comfortable temperature which is maintained by insulated walls, roof and flooring, and double glazing.

3. Pick your kit!

The amount of equipment you can have will obviously depend on how much space is available. If it is on the small side, just pick your favourite machine, such as a treadmill or cross trainer, and buy a set of free weights. Install some storage units to keep your weights out of the way when you are doing floor exercises.

Other extras may include a sound system, a fridge for cold drinks, mirrors to check your positioning, and a wall clock to time your sessions.

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