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Top Tips For Protecting Your Garden Room In Autumn

You may have made good use of your garden room throughout the summer, whether it’s been your garden office, gym, or secret garden cocktail bar. But whether you plan to continue using it or not throughout the colder months, it is important to ensure it is protected from the elements.

From guttering to protect it from leaks to ensuring spiders and creepy-crawlies don’t make your garden sanctuary their home this autumn, we have some tips to help you protect your garden room.

1. Guttering

If your garden room doesn’t have guttering, then it could be at risk. Without guttering, the water damage to your garden room can cause rotting wood and unstable, boggy foundations. You would be wise to also install a leaf guard to the gutters to ensure they are kept free of leaves and debris. You can also install a water butt to harvest rainwater to use in the garden.

2. Use wood paint and preservatives

Autumn weather can damage the exterior wooden areas of your garden room. Using wood paint and preservative will help protect it from weather damage and prevent colour fading due to UV rays.

3. Trim overhanging branches

Overhanging branches can become a threat in autumn. The gales and rain will weaken the branches, and the last thing anyone wants is for a branch to come crashing through there roof of your garden room!

4. Keep the bugs out

As the weather gets cooler, local wildlife will seek shelter from the harsh winter conditions, including spiders and creep-crawlies. Spraying peppermint or rubbing citrus peel in the corners of the room will help keep them out. You can also spray diluted white vinegar around the edges of the room to keep the ants out too.

If you’re looking for bespoke garden rooms in Brighton, get in touch today!


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